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Working With CAD, Vector PDF & Survey Data

2016 - 2017 Day 2 Seminar Outline (Final)

8:00 AM

Sign In and Seating


8:30 AM

Brief Seminar and Documentation Overview



Modeling with Imported Vector Data

Step-by-Step Vector Data Modeling Exercise

Starting a New Job for Vector PDF Data

Import First PDF Plan Sheet

Adjust Display, Note PDF Data Type, Set Sheet Scale

Extract and Transfer Vector Data

Verify and Correct PDF Sheet Scale

Translate PDF Data to Designer's Coordinates

Import Next PDF Plan Sheet

Adjust Display, Note PDF Data Type, Set Sheet Scale

Align Next PDF Plan Sheet (To Previous Sheet)

Extract and Transfer Vector Data

Correct "Horizontal Shift" Error

Re-Importing PDF Plan Sheets


10:00 AM

Morning Break


10:15 AM

Step-by-Step Vector Data Modeling Exercise (Cont.)

Starting a New Job with CAD Data

External References & Locked/Off/Frozen Layers

Identifying Missing Data

Selecting and Transferring Vector Data Layers

Existing and Design Data on Same Layer

Pre-Transfer Data Settings and Functions

Compression (Point Reduction)

Min/Max Valid Elevation Filter

Transfer Units (Feet, Meters, Architectural)

Vector Data Display Options

Layer Display Control

Hide/Hide All But/Show All

Label Display Options

Vector Data Selection Options

Area Select

Layer Select/Deselect

Object Select/Deselect

Delete Unwanted Data

Vector Data Transfer Options

To Default Existing/Design Surface (Right Click or Menu)

To Specified Surface and Layer (Send To Button)

Verifying Vector and Plan Data Match

Import and Align PDF Plan Sheet to Vector Data

Checking for Bad Imported Elevations


12:00 PM

Lunch (Provided by Earthwork Software Services)


1:00 PM

Step-by-Step Vector Data Modeling Exercise (Cont.)

2D-to-3D Conversion Techniques

Elevation Snap (Edit Mode and Entry Mode)

Auto-Increment Snap

Bridge Gap (Join) Utility

Break Lines

Auto Pad Utility

Conform Selected Utility

Slope and Daylight Elevation Calculators

Checklist for Finishing Models and Takeoff

Additional CAD Data Manipulation Examples

Checking and Adjusting for Architectural Units

Data Prep for Auto Pad Utility

Street Model Using Conform Selected Utility


2:30 PM

Afternoon Break


2:45 PM

Additional CAD Data Manipulation Examples (Cont.)

CAD Spot Elevation Topo Exercise

Modeling with PNEZ Coordinate Text Survey Data

Survey Data Overview

Borrow Pit Survey Data Modeling & Volumes

Cross-Section Data Modeling Problem

Existing Topo Verification Exercise

Import and Process Survey Data

Compare Survey and Bid Topos

Quantify and Document Topo Discrepancy


4:30 ~ 5:00 PM







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