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Fundamentals of Site Modeling & Takeoff

2016 - 2017 Day 1 Seminar Outline (Final)

8:00 AM

Sign In and Seating


8:30 AM

Brief Seminar and Documentation Overview



Earthwork Modeling Step-by-Step

New Job Setup for Digitizing Raster PDF Plans*

Import First PDF Plan Sheet

Adjust Display and Set PDF Plan Scale

Verify and Correct PDF Plan Scale

Translate PDF Plan to Designer's Coordinates

Enter Existing Perimeter

Enter Existing Data Lines


Spot Elevations

Free-Standing Points

Points on a Line (Sloping Line)


10:00 AM

Morning Break


10:15 AM

Earthwork Modeling Step-by-Step (Cont.)

Re-Open Job File and Re-Import First PDF Plan Sheet

Check and Edit Existing Data Lines

Error Check with Plan View (Crossing Lines, Point Reduction)

Error Check with 3D View (Obvious Vertical Errors)

Error Check with Trimesh, Water Flow, and

Contour Surface Utilities (Interpolation Errors)

Enter Corrective Existing Break Lines for Ridge,

Saddle, Swale, Debris Pile, Existing Street

Import and Align Second PDF Plan Sheet

Enter Design Data Lines

Building Data Lines

Sloping Landscape Grade Around Building

Pond Data Lines

Street Data Lines

Line Labels


12:00 PM

Lunch (Provided by Earthwork Software Services)


1:00 PM

Earthwork Modeling Step-by-Step (Cont.)

Enter Design Offset Lines

Level Landscape Grade Around Building

Pond Data Lines

Swap Ends Utility

Street Data Lines

Enter Design Perimeter

Check and Edit Design Data Lines

Error Check with Plan and 3D Views

Error Check with Trimesh, Water Flow, and

Contour Surface Utilities

Enter Corrective Design Break Lines

Enter Stripping Areas

Topsoil Stripping

Holes and Embedded Stripping Areas

Debris Removal (Over Topsoil)

Existing Sidewalk Removal

Verify and Edit Stripping Areas


2:30 PM

Afternoon Break


2:45 PM

Earthwork Modeling Step-by-Step (Cont.)

Enter Report Regions and Sectional Areas

Building Slabs

Pond Top, Slope and Bottom Areas

Street Blacktop, Curb & Gutter, and Sidewalk Areas

Landscape Area

Holes and Embedded Report Regions/Sectional Areas

Verify and Edit Report Regions/Sectional Areas

Generate Profile Views

Generate Cut-Fill Maps

Prep and Play 3D Driving Simulation

Calculate Cut/Fill Volumes

Interpret Volume Report

Cut/Fill Volumes, Stripping Quantities, and Sectional Quantities

Shrink/Swell on Volume Report

Net Import/Export


5:00 ~ 5:30 PM







*Notes: Although all digitizing in this seminar is performed with PDF plan sheets,
  the demonstrated techniques also apply to digitizing with paper plans. A different
  setup and scaling procedure is used with paper plans; however, paper plan scaling
  is thoroughly documented in the detailed Day 1 Seminar Handbook (see Appendix E
  for single paper plan sheets and Appendix F for multiple paper plan sheets) which
  is provided to all seminar attendees.






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