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Strata, Over-Ex & Related Functions

2016 - 2017 Day 3 Seminar Outline (Final)

8:00 AM

Sign In and Seating


8:30 AM

Seminar Overview


8:35 AM

Modeling Subsurface Strata

Strata Layers List and Cut Shrink/Swell Factors

Strata Borehole Entries and Interpolation Options

Strata Volume Calculations and Reporting

Viewing Strata Cut Maps


10:00 AM

Morning Break


10:15 AM

Modeling Subsurface Strata (Cont.)

"Stripping" the Surface Strata Material

Volume of a Strata Seam

Identifying Work Areas with the Cut-Fill Lines Utility

Stripping Area Conflict at Strata Cut

Apply Subsidence to Fill Areas

Stripping Areas by Cut/Fill Depth

Waste Areas by Depth of Cover


12:00 PM

Lunch (Provided by Earthwork Software Services)


1:00 PM

Modeling Vertically-Staged Earthwork

Five Approaches to an Unsuitable Soil Undercut

(1) Use Transfer Subgrade Utility

(2) Use New Surface Utility

(3) Use Apply Survey Utility

(4) Use Stage Over-Ex Utility

(5) Use Apply Template Utility (4D)


2:15 PM

Afternoon Break


2:30 PM

Modeling Vertically-Staged Earthwork (Cont.)

Modeling for Retaining Wall Over-Ex and Backfill

Use Lowest Surface Utility for Diff Surface

Wall Over-Ex Model and Calcs (Method 1)

Offset Line Utility for Cutback Lines

Stage Over-Ex Utility for Wall Cut Surface

Calculate Volumes at Wall

Wall Over-Ex Model and Calcs (Method 2)

Apply Template Utility (4D) for Wall Cut Surface

Calculate Volumes at Wall

Subtotal Backfill Volume by Vertical Interval

Calculate Wallís Face Area

Rock Undercut Volume (Subtraction Method)

Variable-Depth Removal of Expansive Clay

Use Cut-Fill Line Utility for Removal Transition

Use Stage Over-Ex Utility for Compound Cut Surface

Calculate and Evaluate Volumes


4:00 ~ 4:30 PM







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